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Stations of the Cross website is now live! Password: Stations. Click here to go to site

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The Burden Cross

What would it be like to lay your burdens down?

  • Things done, and left undone.

  • The weighty residue of past and present.

  • Follow the signs to find the Burden Cross...

  • Then find release. 


In the church Sunday mornings... On the grounds of Trinity Cathedral at 315 Goldsborough St. Easton, Md.  all the rest of the week.

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Stations of the Cross

  • 14 shrines which “translate” an ancient tradition for a contemporary audience. Walk them to follow Christ's journey to the Cross.

  • Stations will be sited around the perimeter of the Trinity Cathedral grounds at 315 Goldsborough St.,Easton, MD  21601


  • QR codes let viewers connect (through their phones or pads) to online text and recorded reflections.

  • Stations website will Include background information and history of the use of Stations of the Cross.

  • Spoken meditations written by several Cathedral members, but also people from other churches,and other states. The Body of Christ is ALL Christians.

 Why Lent?

Liturgical seasons recast our sense of time and refocus our thoughts on the meaning of our journey, not just it's progress.

Lent is a time to focus on the story of Jesus and reflect on what he was doing, teaching, and transforming as illustrated in the choices he made.



Lent is also a time to reflect on how aware we are in the minutes, movements, and milestones of our life. Are we on the right road? Can we learn from Jesus and better find our way?


We’ll conclude our Stations of the Cross event with a Zoom gathering all persons that engaged the 2024 stations on Wednesday, March 27th, 11AM EST . This will be an opportunity for us to hear from one another about our respective Lenten journeys.



But, bring your own coffee…we may not be able to reach your cup.

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